B.Expand is an international business development
agency with partners and team-members located in
all major European markets.

Our key areas of specialization are:

Inbound Marketing: assisting and supporting you in building an online presence through the creation of targeted content around your company, your products and/ or your services with as ultimate objective to attract prospects, leads and clients to your company;

E-Commerce: assisting and supporting you in the setup and management of your E-Commerce activities, whether this is through your own website or through (international) online marketplaces and similar platforms like Amazon, eBay and many others;

businessdevelopmentFLATInternational Business Development: assisting and supporting you in developing your international sales and revenue, in establishing your business abroad and commercially developing target foreign markets.

With our main office situated in Lugano, Switzerland we are literally positioned the heart of Europe and with direct proximity to three of the major European markets and language areas (Italian, German and French).

In addition, through our decentralized way of working, we have local access to all major European markets and are often in a position to support you directly in your home market, regardless of where you are.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals who all have a successful track record in sales management and (digital) marketing across different markets, industries and business models. What more, all our partners have an extensive background in the setup and management of online businesses and in online communication and social media management.

It is this background and experience that allows us to be a valuable resource to you. By working closely with and alongside your existing organization we can assist you in growing and expanding your business and in meeting the goals and objectives you had set for your organization.

Depending on your needs and preferences our way of working allows us to support you both on-site as well as remotely:

  • in outsourcing as a direct extension of your organization or
  • through a mix of coaching, consultancy and interim-management as an integrated part of your team.

Contact us to find out more about our services, how we work and what we can do for you and your business!