E-Commerce – the selling of goods and increasingly also services online – is a key part of the economy today.
Certainly for companies operating in a consumer market (B2C) but increasingly also for companies in a B2B market space and selling to / interacting with professional counterparties around the world.

Just to give you a flavor … over the year 2015:

  • Europe is one of the largest B2C E-Commerce
    markets worldwide*1
  • 8 out of 10 EU citizens used the internet, and
  • 65% of those internet users shopped online (EU

Overall the value of worldwide online sales is estimated at around $2’000 Billion with an estimated annual growth rate (historically) of over 20%.

Leading countries in Europe for online sales and e-Commerce are*2:

  • United Kingdom (#3 market worldwide) where the online sales is 30% of the total economy;
  • Germany (#5 market worldwide) where 85% of the population uses internet but where 50% of the online sales are generated by online marketplaces like Amazon and Otto;
  • France (#6 market worldwide) where only 68% of the population uses internet (EU average) and where a large part of the online purchases are made on non-French websites.

Based on these figures it is safe to say that E-Commerce has become a fundamental part of the economy. Here also the chart below by AT Kearney is interesting as it gives a feel for the attractiveness of different markets from an E-Commerce perspective.


*1 Based on the Europe B2C E-Commerce Market 2016 report by researchandmarkets.com
*2 Based on 2015 Global eCommerce Sales, Trends and Statistics as published by Remarkety.com



Based on our experience there are a lot of companies in today’s market that are struggling to make their E-Commerce strategy work, that have difficulties in growing their online business, who are experiencing difficulties in getting their online sales off the ground in other international markets, that experience challenges in setting-up and managing their sales through online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and other local competitors, that experience difficulties in
blending their online commercial activities with their existing sales and distribution models.

If any of these challenges sounds familiar to you, where are here to assist you in resolving these, either:

  • through a mix of coaching, consultancy and interim-management as an integrated part of your team, or
  • in outsourcing as a direct extension of your organization.

At B.Expand we are experienced in setting-up, managing and developing online business. We can help you develop your E-Commerce strategy. We can support you in setting up your online sales – both through your own website as well as through online marketplaces – and can assist you in blending this activity with your existing sales and distribution model. We can assist you in growing your online business through specific online marketing and communication activities.

We can manage your online business for you.
And last but not least, we can help you leverage your online business to grow and expand your business internationally.

Contact us to find out more about our services and how these can support you in developing your online business and drive more online revenue.

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